Angela van Doorn

The Interface of Socioecology and Management of Chacma Baboons in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Angela van Doorn (Ph.D. University of Cape Town, 2009)

Angela's project focused on the interface between baboon ecology and management of chacma baboons (Papio hamadryas ursinus).  Via a comparison of one monitored troop (the Da Gama troop) and one unmonitored troop (the Plateau Road troop), Angela's project was designed to assess the impact of "baboon monitors" on the ecology and behavior of the baboon population in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa.  Baboon monitors are employees of the baboon management authorities who are tasked with keeping baboons out of urban areas and reducing baboon-human conflict.  Angela's research showed that monitoring is an effective strategy but that, depending on the herding strategies used by the monitors, it can also influence the behavior of the baboons in ways that may impact their health and fitness.     

(co-supervised with Justin O'Riain, University of Cape Town)

publications and presentations from this project:

van Doorn, A., O’Riain, M.J., & Swedell, L. (2010) The effects of extreme seasonality of climate and day length on the activity budget and diet of semi-commensal chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. American Journal of Primatology 72: 104-112.

van Doorn, A.C., O’Riain, M.J., Swedell, L. (2010) Behaving, but at what cost? The effects of a management technique on a chacma baboon troop in South Africa. Proceedings of the XXIIIth Congress of the International Primatological Society (presentation at 2010 meeting of the International Primatological Society).