Amy Schreier

Resource Distribution, Social Structure, and Travel Patterns in Hamadryas Baboons at Filoha, Ethiopia

Amy Schreier (Ph.D. City University of New York, 2009)

Hamadryas baboons (Papio hamadryas hamadryas) are well-known for their flexible multi-level social structure distinguishing them from other members of the genus Papio. The evolution of this social structure has often been attributed to the widely dispersed distribution of resources in the habitats in which hamadryas evolved. Prior to Amy's study, however, an association between food availability and social structure had never been quantitatively shown. In an attempt to address this gap, Amy quantified resource abundance and distribution in the home range of a band of hamadryas baboons at Filoha and measured the relationship between changes in resource availability over space and time and changes in the baboons' multi-level social structure, habitat use, and travel patterns.


publications from this project:

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