Graduate Seminar in Physical Anthropology Professional Development

This course aims to provide an introduction to many of the ethical issues that confront students and scholars in biological anthropology, as well as to provide practical training in professional skills that students will find essential in their early academic careers. The course is structured to encourage students to critically discuss and debate ethical issues from a more informed perspective, and to provide a forum for students to gain practical experience in honing their skills in both oral presentation and writing. Students will be evaluated on their in-class contributions, as well as on short written assignments. The Fall semester focuses primarily on ethical issues related to science in general, research with animals and humans, and professional relationships, while the Spring classes emphasize practical skills such as proposal writing, writing for publication, the peer review process, oral presentation, and how to succeed in the job market. This course is required for all students in the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology (NYCEP) graduate training program.