Anthropology 262: Introduction to the Primates

In this course, we will survey the order Primates - prosimians, tarsiers, monkeys, apes and humans - from a biological and behavioral perspective.  We will examine the traits that unite primates as a whole as well as those characterizing different types of primates.  In addition, we will compare the behavior and ecology of nonhuman primates with that of humans and discuss the relationship of primate behavior to human evolution and modern human biology and behavior.  Each week we focus on a different taxonomic category of primates and learn about their behavior and ecology in the context of theory in behavioral ecology and the natural history of non-primate animals. In addition, we explore some current topics in primatology and animal behavior that relate to our taxonomic focus for that week.

This course is currently being offered in an online format only. All instruction will take place online through the Blackboard course management system. To do well in the online version of this course, you must have daily internet access and be self-motivated to complete the readings and assignments each week, as there will be no regularly scheduled class meetings.

3 hr; 3 cr      

Prerequisite: Anthropology 102, Biology 106, or permission of instructor.